Effective Communication

In compliance with federal and state law, all district-sponsored programs, activities, meetings, and services will be accessible to individuals with disabilities, including persons with hearing, vision, and/or speech disabilities. When communicating in this context with students, families, applicants, participants, members of the public, and their companions with disabilities, the district will take appropriate steps to ensure that any communications are as effective as communications with persons who have no disabilities. Such steps will include furnishing in a timely manner appropriate auxiliary aids and services when necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of, programs, activities, meetings, or services conducted or sponsored by the district.

Requesting Communication Aids or Services for a Program, Activity, or Event
Individuals who may need an auxiliary aid or service to participate in and enjoy the benefits of a program, activity, meeting, or event should contact the school or district office as soon as possible and no later than two school business days before a scheduled program or activity so that the district can make necessary arrangements. The district will make reasonable efforts to accommodate any requests made less than two school business days in advance of a program, activity, meeting, or event. For auxiliary aids or services specifically during a meeting of the board of directors, the request should be made directly to the office of the superintendent.