Director - District 3

Mr. Michael Kingman

Mike Kingman

My wife, Mary, and I are longtime Snohomish County residents. Our two boys are current students in the Arlington School District. We enjoy family, friends, hiking, golf and travel.

I retired as a United States Naval Officer in 2005, a career which afforded me the opportunity to visit 27 countries and as many different cultures. Since then, I’ve been employed in the local aerospace industry. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, and a Master’s in Int’l Business.

Why did I run for the school board? Well, during the government lockdowns many things were learned. Among them…..Zoom classes brought portions of public school curricula across the country into homes via computer monitors, and the media brought scenes of school board chaos across the country into our homes via news feeds. As a result, concerning issues are now swirling in the minds of many people across the country, including mine. So, hearing the call to service, I ran for my local school board to see what all the fuss was about.

I look forward to learning from and working with our Arlington School District staff and board, engaging with the parents and citizens of our district, and focusing on the best interests of each of our students. I invite you to reach out to the district and become a volunteer!

December 2021