Volunteers are valued partners in the education of Arlington students. We encourage family and community members to consider serving in our schools.

For the safety of our students, volunteer applicants must undergo a Washington State Patrol background check before they can begin their service.

Arlington Public Schools uses SafeVisitor to accept volunteer applications. To volunteer in our district, complete the following online application:

Volunteer application form

If your application is approved, you will then receive a notification email. If you don’t receive an approval immediately, you application has been flagged for a review by district staff, who may contact you for additional information. Please do not complete another application.

All volunteer applications expire June 30 and must be renewed for the following year. Approved volunteers receive notification via email of the expiration date and need to renew.

*If you do not have valid photo identification, or if you have limited access to email and the Internet, please check with office staff at the building at which you wish to volunteer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not able to volunteer during school hours?
Many schools offer volunteer opportunities that can be completed at home. Volunteering is an excellent way to demonstrate to our students the value our community places in their education and their school.

How does SafeVisitor work?
SafeVisitor pulls information from the district's approved volunteer list. Volunteer policies and procedures have not changed. (All volunteers undergo a Washington State Patrol background check which is good for two years. The volunteer database is managed and maintained by Arlington Public Schools). When SafeVisitor Solutions is implemented at an instructional building, volunteers and visitors will no longer sign in on paper when visiting the school.

What if I’m just visiting a school building and not volunteering?
Visitors will be asked to show a state issued identification like a drivers license, or be asked to answer a few questions about their name. Visitor names will be checked against the national sex offender registry. Approved visitors will receive a self expiring name badge that cannot be reused.

What if I’m volunteering at a school?
Volunteers will be asked to complete an application at the district’s website. The application asks the same questions we have always asked volunteers about their identity and any criminal history.

Approved volunteers will be sent an email that includes an electronic badge. The first time a volunteer signs into the building using SafeVisitor, they will be asked to be photographed and staff will print a self expiring ID badge for use on campus. Please bring a government issued, valid photo identification with you to the school on your next visit.

What if I don't have a government issued identification?
Please check with school office staff. Other forms of identification may be accepted. While safety is of the utmost priority, we want our schools to be welcoming and accommodating to all families.