2018-19 Construction Projects

Enrollment is growing at Arlington Public Schools and the Operations Department is coordinating two projects in response. Kent Prairie and Eagle Creek Elementary Schools will receive improvements that will add capacity to the school or free classroom space in the school. Other projects underway
include improvements to site security and community safety.

Portable Classrooms- Kent Prairie and Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center
KP Construction
First up is the addition of two portable classroom buildings at Kent Prairie Elementary School. Kent Prairie is expected to grow to 723 students in the 2018-19 school year from its current 664 students. To accommodate the additional students, we will add two portable buildings with two classrooms each. Site work began in June 2018 to prepare the location for installation of the portable buildings. Preparation includes installing storm water management structures (Kent Prairie is a very wet site), leveling the site, adding a crushed rock base on which to place the buildings, and installing electrical service. The project cost estimate is $493,000, paid from growth
mitigation fees maintained in the district’s Capital Projects Fund and collected by the district in the early part of this decade. Growth mitigation fees can only be used for projects that respond to increases in student enrollment, so this project fits that requirement.

At Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center, we’re adding water and sewer to two existing portable buildings. Adding these services will allow the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) to relocate from its current home inside Eagle Creek Elementary School. ECEAP students are
ages 3-4. The relocation frees up two classrooms inside Eagle Creek for use by students in grades K-5. This project is partially funded by a grant from Snohomish County, with the remainder provided by funds in the district’s Capital Projects Fund.

Safety and Security Improvements
Security improvements in the works include fencing at Arlington High School, Kent Prairie Elementary, and Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center. Safety improvements include the resurTennis Courtsfacing of tennis courts at Arlington High School. The courts have their original 2003 surface on them, which is worn and slick, creating hazardous conditions for users. The United States Tennis Association recommends resurfacing courts every five to 15 years depending on the intensity of use. These courts experience high levels of use throughout the year by physical education students, the school’s tennis teams, and community members using the courts recreationally.

At the completion of these projects, resources available in the Capital Projects Fund will be depleted to the point that other projects cannot be initiated. We’ll continue to maintain our facilities to keep them in safe and operating condition, but further additions or improvements will be delayed until resources become available.