Hands-on learning at AHS

New class at Arlington High School provides hands-on learning experience for students
Small engine repairA new class at Arlington High School (AHS) is providing a hands-on learning experience for students. The Metal Manufacturing 2 class, which was approved by the Arlington School Board in February, prepares students for careers that repair, maintain, or restore manufacturing machinery or equipment. During the week of Sept. 26, the students were disassembling small engines.

“The students learn how to break the engine down and then put it back together again,” said AHS Career and Technical Education (CTE) Skills and Tech Teacher, Mike Gudgeon. “The key is the engine has to run when they’re done. There is a lot of attention to detail. These are skills that the students can use for a future career or even at home.”

Some of the students in the class are already familiar with some basic engine repair that they’ve learned at home.

“I’ve learned a lot fixing go karts and mini bikes at home,” said AHS senior Brice Farrand who would like to have a career as a welder. “This class will certainly help how to diagnose engines.”