Director - District 3

Ms. Judy Fay

Director FayThis is my second year serving on the Arlington School Board. Having spent 31 years as a classroom teacher in Arlington’s elementary schools and as a retired teacher, I bring the following qualifications to the Director position:
  • knowledge about historical and current best practices to educate children.
  • understanding the importance of our teacher’s expertise that is front and center in bringing out the best in our children.
  • experience of knowing that all ASD staff help with the care and learning of our students.

My husband, Danny, and I have spent the last 43 years in Bryant – raising our two children with the help of Arlington Schools’ teachers, coaches, principals, support staff and community. Now we’re putting our grandchildren on the bus to also be educated by the Arlington School District.

As a grandparent volunteering in their classrooms, I know how important participation is from family, friends and neighbors.

I am an advocate of public education and will continue to strive to strengthen and expand opportunities for students, parents and educators. I know when we work together, we will  raise successful, thoughtful thinkers; children that will be able to discover their own potential, creativity and interests - that may turn into passions.