Kent Prairie Simply Amazing Staff


Would you rather have a cupcake with a cherry on top, or a birthday cake with frosting and sprinkles? In Mrs. Kon’s third grade class at Kent Prairie, you get both—because that’s how the students describe para educator Shanna Sebree. They cannot say enough about what she means to them, or how helpful and kind she is to them. In fact, Ms. Sebree goes beyond helpful. Riley described her as “the opposite of selfish.” The kids understand that being helpful makes her happy. As Chevelle so eloquently stated, “When she does something for someone else, she remembers that she is doing something for herself—because doing for others makes her happy.” Indeed, the students report that, when they need help, Ms. Sebree takes all her attention off what she was doing and puts it on kids. Perhaps Isaac described it best. When asked why he nominated her for Simply Amazing, he replied, “I just like her. And I like her dogs. They have pimples on their snouts.” Certainly, high praise for this dedicated supporter of children, and Simply Amazing staff member from Kent Prairie.