Stillaguamish Valley LC Simply Amazing Staff


Brandi Carter has made quite a splash at SVLC since she arrived in January. Students Harper and Mila describe her as sweet, kind, and funny, and they have plenty of examples to back their descriptions. Both girls were touched that, on her very first day at SVLC, Mrs. Carter taught them about herself, her family, and what she loves. “How could we know her if we don’t know what she loves?” asked Harper. Both girls were very clear that Mrs. Carter loves her family and her two dogs (please note that the girls love the dogs nearly as much as Mrs. Carter!).

They also know she loves them. “If I am struggling, she asks me to come to her table to get some help. She tells us we shouldn’t stay frustrated for too long. We should ask for help when we need it,” said Mila.
Mrs. Carter’s obvious love for kids extends beyond the walls of her classroom. Neighboring student Abbygayle has benefitted from Mrs. Carter’s kindness, too. On her first day, Mrs. Carter not only introduced herself to her own students, but also invited Abbygayle’s entire class in to meet them. “I knew she was kind when she did that,” smiled Abbygayle, who was also impressed by Mrs. Carter’s dogs. Abbygayle feels that she and Mrs. Carter have a lot in common, with kindness as a primary trait. Abbygayle also appreciates the quality of Mrs. Carter’s teaching; she can often hear her instruction through the walls and if the door is open, so she understands how lucky Mrs. Carter’s students are to be learning from her.

SVLC is grateful to have Mrs. Carter as one of their own because she is an excellent teacher. And if Harper, Mila, and Abbygayle are to be believed, she is “the BEST teacher ever!”