Stillaguamish Valley LC Simply Amazing Staff


Simply Amazing teacher Erin Green teaches Kindergarten and First Grade at SVLC, but her influence reaches far beyond her grade levels. Two third grade boys, Corbin and Brodeck, nominated her, and Brodeck wasn’t even at SVLC for Kindergarten or First Grade!
Both boys acknowledge that there is too much to put into words to describe why they nominated her. For starters, Corbin says she has been his best friend since First Grade. “She’s there, always being funny, acting fun. I’ve only known her for half a year, but she’s one of those teachers who you just see… the wonders of Mrs. Green! I mean, the power of her! Nothing gets her down. She never says, ‘That was rude to not give me a hug!’ She is never rude; she is always positive. Every time you do something with her, she always has something nice to say. Always. She does a good job of being a teacher. I think she deserves a little more… it’s hard to say exactly what, but she deserves more.”
Brodeck knows what she deserves more of: hugs. And this is why. “At the start of my basketball game, she was holding up the ball and I was trying to get the ball by jumping up for it, and she said, ‘I’m gonna call all the fouls on you because I know you!’ But she didn’t call them only on me. She’s honest.”
The boys wrapped it up by saying, “I just think the main idea we are here is because she is kind. That’s the main idea. She is willing to take care and take on challenges. She always just doesn’t hurt us or our feelings. She wants us to keep all of our personal abilities and keep us learning.”