Frequently Asked Questions

Will my elementary-aged child be online all day?
No. The elementary schedule is set up to provide live (synchronous instruction) and independent (asynchronous) instruction each day. Teachers will plan instruction that is developmentally appropriate for kids and flexible for families.

How will I know when my elementary-aged child has live Zooms and what work they have been assigned?

Your child’s teacher will be using a learning platform as a one stop shop for all information. For K-2 students, this platform is called Seesaw; For 3-5 grade students this platform is called Google Classroom. The platforms will be accessible through your child’s Chromebook. Parent and student tutorials will be provided on each platform.

What if my elementary-aged child can only access instruction in the evening?
No problem. Teachers will be working really hard to create asynchronous (online but not live) instruction for students to access outside of live instruction times. This will include lessons and work assigned to students on the learning platforms. Live instruction will not occur outside of the school day (8:40-4:10).

I work all day and my child will be at daycare. Will I still have access to the teacher in the evenings?
Teachers will be working really hard to create asynchronous (online but not live) instruction for students to access outside of live instruction times. This will be a great option for your family. E-mail or the Bloomz communication app will likely be the best form of communication for you to use with the teacher. You can contact them through this method during the evening and they will get back to as soon as possible during the school day hours (8:40-4:10).

Does my elementary-aged child have to use a school Chromebook?

No. A student can use a personal device if they prefer. Students will be provided with additional supplies during the Chromebook distribution so even if you don’t need one, please come see us for the student supplies!

When is the first day of school for elementary students? How do the Family Conferences work?
September 1st is the first day of school. Teachers will be meeting with students via Zoom for a 30-minute class meeting on September 1st, 2nd, 3rd and September 8th, 9th, and 10th to build classroom community. The remainder of the time on those days, students will engage in independent learning so that teachers can conference and build relationships with families. Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you on August 27th to schedule the conference with your family.

What if my elementary-aged child falls behind academically with Distance Learning?
The elementary schedule provides intervention times at each grade level. During these times we will be providing live online instruction to students who qualify for remedial or special education services.

How is Distance Learning 2.0 different than what happened in the Spring?
Distance Learning 2.0 is enhanced and includes a daily school schedule with combinations of “live” teacher instruction, specialist times, intervention opportunities, independent directed learning, student and family support and social emotional learning check ins. There will be clear expectations for staff and students. There will be a common platform learning at all levels. Attendance will be taken daily. Resources to support distance learning will be available on the district website and a Tech Helpline will be available to students and parents.

If I don’t think Distance Learning 2.0 will work for my child, what are my options?

Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center
- Distance Learning 2.0 (teacher directed, parent supported) K-8
Students in grades kindergarten and first will work virtually with their classmates and teacher two days per week. Students will complete home learning activities (assigned by their teacher) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students in grades 2-8 will connect with their teachers and classmates three days a week for virtual instruction. They will complete home learning activities (assigned by their teacher) on Monday and Friday.

Arlington Online Program (AOP) K-12

Students will complete online courses with the support from a certificated teacher. Learning is self-directed, however, there is a weekly obligation to connect with the AOP teacher and check in (via Zoom).

Committed Distance Learning 2.0

Students participate in Distance Learning 2.0 for an entire semester or the entire year directed by a certificated teacher. This is for families who do not want their child to move in and out of Distance Learning and a Hybrid model throughout the year and/or feel in person instruction is unsafe at this time.

If I choose to homeschool or attend private school during Distance Learning 2.0, will my child be able to return when students are able to return to campus?
In School Boundary-Yes
In-District Transfer- As space is available
Out of District Transfer- As space is available

When will students get to come back to on-site learning? How will we know?
As soon as possible! We are anxious to have students back on campus when the Health Department deems it safe. Parents will be kept informed of transitions through district and building communications.

How will attendance be taken?

Teachers will take daily attendance through Skyward. Students can show attendance by joining a class Zoom, answering daily attendance questions, completing assignments, conferencing with their teacher via phone or e-mail, or watching asynchronous lessons online.

Will there be common learning platforms used in enhanced distance learning 2.0?
Yes. We will use common learning platforms so students and families develop familiarity with technology tools across our system.

Learning Management Systems
Grades PreK‐2nd:

- SeeSaw
- Screencastify
- Zoom
- Bloomz

Grades 3‐5:
- Google Classroom
- Screencastify
- Zoom
- Bloomz

Grades 6‐12:
- Google Classroom
- Screencastify
- Zoom
- Remind

Is there any public internet I can use if I don't have internet at my house?
In response to the impacts of COVID-19, the City of Arlington is installing additional free hotspots to provide free internet access for families who have limited or no broadband service to their homes.

City of Arlington hotspots:

- Legion Park parking lot, 114 N Olympic Avenue
- Innovation Center 404 N Olympic Avenue
- Coming soon: Haller Park and Arlington Airport Office

Arlington Public Schools hotspots:

Families can park at any of the school buildings and access the guest network. The WiFi has been extended further into the parking lot at Haller Middle School and Presidents Elementary, as those sites have the best 24 hour access. The school district has received a grant from HP/Aruba for an outdoor antenna, and they plan to provide coverage to the student parking lot at Arlington High School.

We have received inquiries regarding internet hotspots. As of 9/10, we do not currently have any more hotspots to check out. We have placed an order for more hotspots and hope to receive it in a couple of weeks. When they arrive, we will contact families who have signed up.

Sno-Isle Libraries hotspots:
- Arlington Library, 135 N Washington Avenue
- Smokey Point Library, 3411 169th Place NE

Does my child have to use a school Chromebook?

No. A student can use a personal device if they prefer.

Will Sno-Isle TECH be open this fall?
Sno-Isle TECH is planning for a robust Fall opening. In order to do so, most of Sno-Isle TECH programs are employing nationally accredited online curriculum in alignment with industry standards for the program they teach. With a focus on equity for all students, Sno-Isle TECH will have materials to access at home if needed. Sno-Isle TECH is exploring offering in-person instruction as quickly and safely as possible, in small groups, per Snohomish County Health District guidelines. Sno-Isle TECH plays a vital part of high school graduation pathways for so many and Sno-Isle TECH is eager to stay on course with Sno-Isle TECH students. Please visit the Sno-Isle TECH Facebook page and Webpage for detailed information and updates.