2023-24 Student Advisors

Student advisors selected for Arlington School Board and district committees
2023-24 Student AdvisorsStudents from Arlington High School and the Arlington Online Program have been selected as student advisors to the school board, Advisory Council for Education (ACE), Facilities Advisory Committee, and the District and Community Equity Team. Nathan Nichols was selected as Student Advisor to the Board. Kiera Wilson, Arissa Matthews, and Adrienne Pournadeali were selected as Student Advisors to ACE. Elena Twitchell, Zephyr Serniotti, and Alex Phillips will serve on the District and Community Equity Team. Jake Willis will be the student representative for the Facilities Advisory Committee. The students interviewed for the positions on May 19.

Student School/Grade
Nathan Nichols  AHS/11th
Board of Directors
Kiera Wilson  AHS/9th
Advisory Council for Education
Arissa Matthews  AHS/9th
Advisory Council for Education  
Adrienne Pournadeali  AHS/9th
Advisory Council for Education  
Elena Twitchell  AHS/9th
District & Community Equity Team 
Zephyr Serniotti  AOP/11th
District & Community Equity Team 
Alex Phillips
District & Community Equity Team 
Jake Willis
Facilities Advisory Committee

The purpose of ACE is to provide a systematic, representative public involvement in educational decisions under consideration by the school board. The District and Community Equity Team’s purpose is to provide input and feedback for the implementation of the district equity plan. This group includes diverse representation from key stakeholder groups. The group members engage in conversations about the equity work and needs. Facility Advisory Committee members review the current state of the district’s instructional and support facilities to gauge their adequacy in supporting the safe, equitable delivery of instructional services, and make recommendations to the superintendent regarding future facilities needs based on student population data, reports from professional services providers, and other objective sources of data.

The student advisors were introduced to the Arlington School Board during its June 12 meeting. Nichols will be sworn in at a board meeting in August. The other students will begin their service in September.