Arlington Public Schools adds tool to improve website accessibility

Arlington Public Schools adds tool to improve website accessibility
Website AccessibilityArlington Public Schools is making its district and school websites more accessible to individuals with disabilities by selecting AudioEye as its web accessibility solution. AudioEye is a leader in digital accessibility solutions that ensure barrier-free website access for individuals with disabilities.

The AudioEye web accessibility solution, Ally Managed Service, identifies and fixes website errors that may otherwise prevent someone with a disability from being able to access or navigate digital content. Many individuals with disabilities utilize assistive technologies when browsing the web. As an example, someone who is blind relies upon a screen reader to read online content. If a website isn’t properly coded, the screen reader is not able to seamlessly read this online content for the individual, thereby impeding his or her access to that site’s information.

“We want to do everything we can to remove any online barriers, ensuring all of our students, families, staff and community members can access all areas of our websites,” said Arlington Public Schools Director of Communications, Gary Sabol. “Equal access for visitors of all abilities is incredibly important to us, and the AudioEye solution ensures we are providing that barrier-free experience for each and every one of our site visitors.”

“We are thrilled to be selected as the web accessibility solution for Arlington Public Schools,” added AudioEye CEO Todd Bankofier. “The district’s commitment to equal access for all will positively impact the lives of thousands of students and their family members, and we are incredibly proud to be aligned with an organization that places such a high priority on digital inclusion.”

The AudioEye solution also enhances usability for site visitors. The Ally Toolbar can be activated by selecting the AudioEye icon at the bottom right-hand side of the site and allows users to customize a site based on their individual preference. For example, users who are color blind can change the color contrast, users who are dyslexic can change the font type, users with low vision can change the font size, and more. The Toolbar also includes a Help Desk feature for those users who may be experiencing an accessibility barrier.