Arlington Public Schools Collects Construction Impact Fees in 2019

Arlington Public Schools Collects Construction Impact Fees in 2019
PortablesThe Arlington Public Schools Board of Directors requested in 2018 that Snohomish County and the city of Arlington begin collecting school impact fees in 2019. Washington state public schools are permitted to request that counties and cities impose fees on new residential construction within the school district’s boundaries. Public schools then use the fees to build new classrooms needed due to growth in student enrollment associated with new residential construction.

The district used previously collected school impact fees to add four new portable classrooms to Kent Prairie Elementary in 2018. The classrooms helped provide space needed for new students in the Kent Prairie attendance area.

“School impact fees help us respond to enrollment growth,” said Arlington Public Schools Executive Director of Operations, Brian Lewis. “New residential construction brings more students to our schools and impact fees help provide the space we need in which to educate them. Builders then share the cost of new school facilities.”

School impact fees can only be spent on new construction or remodeling of school buildings needed in response to growth in student enrollment. Through November 2019, builders paid $160,000 in school impact fees to Arlington Public Schools to support new school construction.

Impact fees are one part of the range of funds used to pay for new school construction or remodeling. Schools continue to rely primarily on voter-approved bonds or Capital Projects Fund levies to support the vast majority of the cost of school construction. Fees collected in 2019 will be used to offset the cost of providing new classrooms or school buildings in the future.