Arlington Schools receives archives grant to safeguard student records

Arlington Schools receives archives grant to safeguard student records
State Archives GrantArlington Public Schools has been awarded a digital imaging grant from the Washington State Archives to digitize its permanent student records. Permanent student records – which include a student’s middle and high school transcripts, elementary enrollment history and grade progression, legacy records, and any changes to the file – need to be kept for 100 years. The $46,742 grant will be used to scan the more than 100,000 files, index them and create a backup for safekeeping. The district will use an imaging vendor called Parchment and the Washington State Archives to complete the scanning.

“We receive hundreds of requests for transcripts throughout the year,” said Arlington High School Registrar, Marie Nelson. “By having the records indexed into a database, this saves me from having to look through stacks of records and allows me to have a much quicker response time to transcript requests.”

“The Washington State Legislature realizes it can be challenging working on records management,” said Janette Gomes, Washington State Archives Northwest Branch Archivist. “The Washington State Archives Local Records Grant Program was created to improve records management and increase response times to records requests.”

In addition to faster responses to records requests, the digital imaging will protect the records from any fire or water damage and allow secure access to the records in the event the school building is not accessible. The digital images will also be converted to microfilm for permanent backup storage.

“We’d like to thank the Washington State Archives for this grant award,” said Arlington Public Schools Director of Communication, Gary Sabol. “Digitizing these records has been a need of the district for the past few years and now we have the resources to make it happen.”