Communication boards help students

Communication boards help students talk with each other on the playground
Communication BoardElementary schools in Arlington have new communication boards on their playgrounds to help students communicate with each other. The vinyl boards display pictures and words of various activities and are designed to help non-verbal students communicate with their peers.

The project was spearheaded by Eagle Creek parent, Allison Jones, whose kindergarten daughter has apraxia of speech, a speech sound disorder where someone has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently.

“One of these communication boards was installed at an elementary school in Everett and they received lots of positive feedback on how the board is used,” said Jones.

The communication board at Eagle Creek has both English and Spanish words displayed. While Jones’ daughter does have a communication device that helps her, this isn’t something that is necessarily brought onto the playground for fear of damaging the device.

“Students want to communicate with their friends, and it can be scary for a non-verbal student who can’t communicate with their friends or a teacher,” said Eagle Creek Principal, Bethany Belisle. “These boards allow children to do that.”

The following local businesses purchased the communication boards for the schools: S&S Roofing sponsored Eagle Creek Elementary; Andrew’s Hay sponsored Presidents Elementary; Signature Properties NW sponsored Pioneer Elementary; and Grocery Outlet sponsored Kent Prairie Elementary.