Haller Middle School science experiment

Haller Middle School sixth graders use science to prove the importance of hand washing
Haller Science ExperimentHaller Middle School sixth grade students, who returned to class in a hybrid model this week, conducted experiments during their first middle school science lab. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the best way to prevent the spread of disease is to wash hands for 20 seconds. The students conducted experiments to test that theory.

“The sixth graders placed glow powder on their hands to simulate germs and then placed their hands under an ultraviolet light to view the powder,” said Rachel Harrington, Haller Science Teacher.

“We experimented to see what would happen if we washed our hands for zero seconds, five seconds, 10 seconds, and finally 20 seconds and then logged our findings,” said sixth grader, Derek Salmon. “The results showed that washing our hands for 20 seconds completely removed the germs from our hands.”

“This result proved the theory and is especially important in light of COVID-19.” said Harrington. “It’s great to have students on site where we can conduct these types of timely experiments to help them be more global with their thinking.”