Director - District 3

Ms. Judy Fay

Director Fay

This is my fourth year serving on the Arlington School Board. Having spent my career as a classroom teacher in Arlington’s elementary schools, I bring the following qualifications to the Director position:

~ Knowledge about historical and current best practices to educate children.

~ Understanding the importance of our teachers' expertise, the quality of the content taught and the student engagement of the content in order to bring out the best in our children.

~ Experience of knowing that all ASD staff help with the support, teaching and learning of our students.

~ Commitment to support active involvement by students as they connect their learning to life; promoting creativity, curiosity and innovation as they discover their own interests in their endeavors.

I have been retired from teaching for the past nine years but have stayed connected to the classroom by volunteering in my grandchildren’s classrooms; tutoring, reading with children, creating and performing student plays.

My husband, Danny, and I have spent the last 45 years in Bryant, raising our two children with the help of Arlington schools’ teachers, coaches, principals, support staff and community. We continue to stay involved with the Arlington schools as we help to guide our grandchildren learning remotely from home.

Now more than ever, we really are all in this together. Distance learning has asked us to take on new roles and responsibilities as teachers, learners, care-takers; jugglers of time and schedules. I will continue to support and encourage us all to be involved in the education of our children; sharing ideas, attending board meetings remotely, finding new ways of volunteering to help our students and our community.

We’re doing this! Together!

July 2021