Superintendent's Message

Focused on achieving goals in the Strategic Plan

The 2017-18 school year was the first year we implemented the goals of our updated Strategic Plan that was adopted last summer. The Strategic Plan focuses on four goal areas: Student Learning and Achievement; Safe and Caring Environment; Resource Stewardship; and Parent and Community Partnerships.

Integrated into each of the Strategic Plan goal areas is our focus on equity. This means working toward providing access, opportunity and supports for learning as well as removing barriers that hinder learning. CurreThumbs Upnt initiatives include enhancing leadership and instructional practices, engaging in professional learning communities (PLCs), providing appropriate interventions for both academic and behavioral needs, incorporating culturally responsive practices, and increasing our understanding of trauma informed practices and the impact of adverse childhood experiences.

Student Learning and Achievement
We are extremely proud of our recent graduates who have met all the requirements for graduation and are ready to pursue their dreams and move on to new opportunities. We are also proud of each student as they transition from grade to grade and are ready for learning at higher levels. We are excited about the implementation of the new English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum in all grades K-12 where students are engaged in learning that is rigorous and research-based. As stated in our mission, Arlington Public Schools educates all students, preparing and inspiring them to graduate and seek their full potential as lifelong learners.

Safe and Caring Environment

Keeping our students and staff safe continues to be a concerted effort on the part of the district. This year, we installed visitor entry systems into many of our schools and other safety enhancements at other schools. While we want to make each of our campuses as inviting as possible, we also want to ensure our schools are safe places where students can learn and thrive.

Resource Stewardship

We take pride in our schools and all of our district resources. This year, we purchased 10 buses to replace older buses in our fleet. We recently received a clean audit with no findings from the Washington State Auditor’s Office. Our custodians work hard to make sure our schools are clean and welcoming. Our grounds and maintenance crews continue to take care of our properties and equipment. Aligning our resources to support the goals in the strategic plan is essential.

Parent and Community Partnerships
We would not be able to do what we do without the support of our great parents and community partners. This year, the Arlington Education Foundation distributed more than $14,000 in classroom mini-grants to teachers. Thirty-six local businesses and organizations engaged in conversations with our secondary students about future careers during the Skilled Trades Day. The Rotary Club of Arlington also recognized outstanding students in our district. The Lions Club provided critical equipment and support for vision screening. We continue to have joint meetings with the City, Hospital District 1 and Hospital District 3. We are better together for our students.

Make it a Home Game

This year, we emphasized “making it a home game” for each student so they feel supported in school. Throughout the year, board members, other district staff and I had lunch with students at each school to hear their thoughts and ideas about what helps and/or hinders their learning. It was a pleasure talking with the students and they gave us great feedback. We will continue these lunches next year.

I hope this summer is filled with great times with family and friends!

Dr. Chrys Sweeting