Advisory Council for Education (ACE)



This is a standing committee commissioned by the Arlington School Board. The purpose of this committee is to provide systemic representative public involvement in educational decisions under consideration by the Board of Directors. This committee will meet monthly throughout the school year and more often if needed. If requested by the Board of Directors, a year-end report to summarize the activities of the committee work will be provided.

ACE may be charged with some or all of the following:

- Participate in District Strategic planning
- Research a topic about which the Board of Directors would like more information or a topic the ACE committee identifies. This may include development of a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
- Receive general information from district and school administrative staff.
- Serve as a “key communicator” to community members informing them of district initiatives.
- Populate other committees and sub-committees as needed.
- Informational presentations, Board research topic, and other tasks will be identified annually.

ACE consists of the following members:
- Fourteen (14) citizens/parents (each Board member appoints one and each school appoints one)
- At least one (1) certificated staff members (approved by the Superintendent)
- At least one (1) classified staff members (approved by the Superintendent)
- One (1) secondary-level principal (approved by the Superintendent)
- One (1) elementary-level principal (approved by the Superintendent)
- At least one (1) higher education/vocational education representative; or business/city representative; or community member (approved by the Superintendent)
- At least one (1) high school senior student*; and
- At least one (1) high school junior student*

*Students will be selected through the same application/interview process used to select Student Advisors to the School Board

If you have questions about ACE, please feel free to contact ACE Secretary Gary Sabol at [email protected] or call 360.618.6217.