Home/Hospital Services


Role of Parent:

The procedures for initiating home/hospital ("HH") instruction are as follows:

  1. HH qualifications discussed with student's school counselor.
  2. Parent completes application form 2165F1 for home/hospital instruction.
  3. Parent prints out the form and has a qualified medical practitioner fill out and sign Section 1.
  4. Parent or medical practitioner returns the form to APS Special Programs Office (fax number 360.618.6221).
  5. Home/hospital instruction will begin when form 2165F1 is completed and returned to APS Special Programs Office.
  6. Parents can contact the Special Programs Office at 360.618. 6215 for further information.

Instructional Role/Responsibilities

The Role of the Instructor:

  1. Contact parents and arrange home/hospital instruction schedule.
  2. Discuss the need for a supervising adult to be in the home during the instructor’s visit.
  3. Discuss with the parent any conditions surrounding the student's disability or educational development that may have a bearing on the program.
  4. Discuss the need for an appropriate learning environment.

The function of the home/hospital instructor is to provide instructional assistance in core academic areas such as reading, math, and written language, and to serve as a liaison between the student and the school in the following manner:

  1. Contact the counselor and/or classroom teacher on a weekly basis to arrange for books, materials, and assignments; and, at the middle and high school levels, a classroom schedule, class outlines, etc. of what the student needs to fulfill credit requirements for the semester.
  2. Provide a statement to the student’s home school, for the cumulative record, regarding the grades earned by the student while on home/hospital instruction. Grading will be the responsibility of the classroom teacher. This statement is due immediately upon termination of home/hospital instruction.
  3. Work with the regular classroom teacher to modify or develop alternative classroom assignments to meet required coursework if the student is unable to complete regular classroom assignments.
  4. Keep parents/guardians informed as to the progress of the student.
  5. Contact the Special Programs Office if/when the student returns to school.


Extension of the original instruction period must be requested by the parent or guardian and verified by the attending, qualified medical practitioner.


Dave McKellar
Director of Special Education
[email protected]