2024-25 Student Advisors Selected

Student advisors selected for Arlington School Board and district committees
Student AdvisorsArlington middle and high school students have been selected as student advisors to the school board, Advisory Council for Education (ACE), Budget Advisory Task Force, Facilities Advisory Committee, Student Advisory Council, and the District and Community Equity Team. The students interviewed for the positions in early May.

Advisory Council for Education: Nicolas Bleken, 9th Grade; Kailyn Geist, 11th Grade; Mikaela Harrington, 8th Grade; Alyson Kleinman, 9th Grade; Carson Raz, 11th Grade; Adalyn Smith, 9th Grade; Franklin Finn Vincenzi, 11th Grade

The purpose of ACE is to provide systemic representative public involvement in educational decisions under consideration by the school board.

Budget Advisory Task Force: Alexander Andersen, 8th Grade; Jackson Bauer, 7th Grade; Baile Linklater, 12th Grade

The Budget Advisory Task Force solicits citizen participation in the district’s budget process.

District Community Equity Team: Gabriel Atienzo, 12th Grade; Noah Climacosa, 11th Grade; Mayra Cruz, 11th Grade; Kailey Larson, 11th Grade; Adolfo Jimenez Perez, 12th Grade

The District and Community Equity Team’s purpose is to provide input and feedback for the implementation of the district equity plan and engage in conversations about the equity work and needs.

Facilities Advisory Committee: Caitlin Calloway, 11th Grade; Ayden Stecher, 9th Grade
Facilities Advisory Committee members review the current state of the district’s instructional and support facilities.

School Board: Deja Reed, 11th Grade

Student Advisory Council: Emry Bussert, 7th Grade; Joicee Contajioso, 8th Grade; Izabella Douglas, 9th Grade; Chayse Hall, 8th Grade; Lyla Morzelewski, 9th Grade; Harper Winters, 7th Grade

Student Advisory Council members meet to share their voices, perspectives and ideas, engaging in authentic conversations to better support a rich and caring learning environment where each student learns at high levels and belong.

“We had more students apply for these positions than we’ve ever had in the past,” said Arlington Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Chrys Sweeting. “We are pleased that so many students want to be involved in the school board and district committees. Their insights help us make better decisions as a school district.”

The student advisors were introduced to the Arlington School Board during its June 10 meeting.